Colored Pencils

Colored Pencil Reviews

Traditional (wax- or oil-based) colored pencils

Pencil Case Review: Tombow Irojiten Set with Portable Case (published at the Well-Appointed Desk)
Review: Non-Photo Blue Pencils (published on the Well-Appointed Desk)
Day for Night (Plus All the Whites) (comparison of various white colored pencils)
Review: Midori MD Colored Pencils (published on the Well-Appointed Desk)

Water-soluble colored pencils

Vintage and collectible colored pencils

Possibly the Coolest Colored Pencil Box Ever (vintage A.W. Faber Polychromos)

Tutorials and other resources 

For colored pencil geeks only

Other colored pencil resources

How to Pick the Right Colored Pencils (The Well-Appointed Desk)
Best Colored Pencils for Beginners: A Guide (Parka Blogs)


  1. Tina, I was looking online for information on Design watercolor pencils 1605 and came across your posts regarding them. I work at a resale store in Wisconsin and came across a set of 24, but no prices. What would this set go for? Carrie

    1. The Design Watercolor pencil are relatively rare! If the set is new, you could easily get $48 for a set of 24. If used, then probably more like $25 - $30, depending on the condition. You might want to search eBay for current prices.


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