Sketchbooks & Paper

Sketchbooks & Paper

Test of 140 lb. Paper
Field Test of Field Notes “Arts” Notebook
Product Review: Rhodia Rhodiarama Pocket Notebook
Product Review: Tomoe River Paper
Product Review: Baron Fig Confidant Notebook
Product Follow-up: Baron Fig Apprentice Notebook
Product Review: Moleskine Art Plus Sketch Album
Product Review: Canson XL Mix Media and Borden & Riley Vellum
Field Notes Finally Listened!
Review and Field Test: Expedition (Field Notes)
Candy Temptation (Field Notes)
Sugar Overload (Field Notes)
Loony Over Lunacy (Field Notes)
Product Review: Field Notes Signature Sketch Book
Which Field Notes Would I Take to Gilligan’s Island?
Product Review: Calepino Notebook
A First Look: Stillman & Birn Epsilon
Product Review: Stillman & Birn Softcover Sketchbooks
Product Review: Stillman & Birn Nova
Stillman & Birn Softcovers: New and Improved
Zeta Testing (preliminary trial of Stillman & Birn Zeta sketchbook)
Product Review: Stillman & Birn Zeta
Product Review: Stillman & Birn Beta 
Fresh Look at the Baron Fig: Pencil
Follow-Up Review: Baron Fig Paper

Mini Review: Strathmore Toned Mixed Media Paper
Sketchbook Review: Stillman & Birn Square Format Softcover
Review: Field Notes Streetscapes Edition (published at the Well-Appointed Desk)
A6 Hahnemuhle is a Win (100% cotton paper)
Review: Hahnemuhle ZigZag Book (published at the Well-Appointed Desk)

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