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Review: Hero 330 with Fude Nib (published at the Well-Appointed Desk)

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  1. So addicted, now, to your blogposts! Finally decided to be brave and get a Sailor, but is it really essential to purchase the Naginata Fude de Mannen?

    1. Happy to hear you are enjoying my blog! You will have a hard time finding a Naginata, as it is not being made anymore, as far as I know. See my review of the Franklin-Christoph fude nib... it might be your best and easiest substitute.

    2. Awaiting delivery tomorrow on the Sailor Naginata Fude de Mannen! Found it at PenBoutique! So excited, it's almost like awaiting a birth! Confessing I ordered a 'less pricey' Sailor earlier when I thought I wouldn't find the Naginata, and the lesser one arrives sometime today! I have stepped into deep fountain pen stream and it is so much fun, I tell my kids it is QSA --Quarantine Sanity Action, so somehow if you're curious, I'll send along some drawings! or begin to post some in my blog Madisonotes, I must revive it!

    3. Wow, congrats on finding that! I'm surprised to hear that any shop has it in stock!

    4. Now I feel extra extra lucky about the Fude de mannen pen! It is due to arrive before 9pm TODAYL! -IT FEELS as if a baby is arriving! So I will have two Sailor pens: the SailorL1910 and the Naginata Fude de Mannen, and I'm going to love every minute of using them! along with the pens are gifts of Diamine inks! Golden Ivy, is first one!

    5. I will try not to make so many comments, I agree with the quote: "Art is long, life is short! "


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