Monday, June 28, 2021

Show My Sketch Kit

6/23/21 My sketch kit contents (page 1 of 2)

Throughout the pandemic, USk Japan has issued regular prompts and themes to keep their members motivated. I’ve been inspired many times to join them – to sketch a journal page; to show process steps; to make urban sketches with blind contours; to avoid thinking; to use white as a prominent color. I also enjoy seeing what their members share on social media.

The group’s most recent prompt is to show the contents of their sketch kits – by sketching them, of course. Although I’ve sketched my tools in the past, it’s been a while – the last time was nearly two years ago – so I thought it would be fun to join them again. (Search the hashtag #show_your_sketch_kit on Instagram to see their kits.)

Instead of setting up all the materials together like a still life, I was in the mood to use a more illustrative style. (Most items are not shown to scale!) I usually feel like my kit is too big, but sketched this way, I see that it’s really not as big as I think (it all fit on two pages)! Maybe my annual minimalism efforts have had lasting effects after all.

I happen to have a new Hero 330 fountain pen with a fude nib (review coming up soon at the Well-Appointed Desk), so it was a good opportunity to take it out for a test drive. (Spoiler alert: It’s a great little fude, especially for the price!)

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