Sunday, June 27, 2021

Green Lake Bathhouse Theatre


6/22/21 Green Lake's Bathhouse Theatre

Setting out early on Tuesday to get ahead of the day’s projected heat, I found Green Lake shrouded in a surprising June gloom. (Strange . . . I live less than a mile away, and it was sunny there when I left the house.) Dressed for summer, I was downright chilly in the lakeside breeze.

As regularly as I walk around the lake and sketch in the Green Lake neighborhood, I don’t sketch the lake itself often. (I think the last time I did was nearly three years ago when I was inspired by foliage just beginning to turn.) Spotting it from across the water, I couldn’t remember ever sketching the historic Bathhouse Theatre (now operated by Seattle Public Theater), which was built in 1927 as an actual bathhouse for swimmers to change into their suits. I’d like to sketch it again sometime illuminated by early sun.

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