Tuesday, June 8, 2021




One evening we were dining al fresco on our back deck. The light on our neighbor’s patio umbrella caught my eye, and I caught it with my Field Notes. A minute later, the light was gone.

Walking around Maple Leaf Park on a Saturday afternoon, I stopped for a few gestures of kids throwing a Frisbee. Then I continued walking.

Prolific sketcher Roy calls it sketchwaiting: What we do while we’re waiting for something or someone. When I arrived at our Green Lake meeting location, I looked around and didn’t see Kathleen yet. I started sketching a row of trees. This is as far as I got when I heard my name called.


There was a time when I used to feel a pressure to make sure every sketch I started was finished (or “resolved,” as art teachers put it) – a story with a completed story arc. The more I sketch, the less pressure I feel about this; in fact, I don’t feel any pressure at all anymore. Or maybe it’s just the way I feel these days: Any sketch or partial sketch (or even an unidentifiable mark on the page) is a declaration of joy. Life is full of these for people who walk around with a sketchbook.


  1. I like your frisbee throwers gesture sketches. I don't mind the incomplete sketch either since usually there is something else right around the corner.

    1. Intrepid sketchers like you and I have no problem! ;-)


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