Friday, June 11, 2021

Out of Practice at Café Arta


6/9/21 Cafe Arta patron (I know they all look different, but 
these are the same guy.)

Café Arta is the café and pub adjacent to Third Place Books. I sketched its patio from the parking lot a few weeks ago, thinking that it would be a pleasant place to sketch someday soon. Someday came, and it is, indeed, a lovely patio to enjoy your choice of sunshine or shade and a good meal or snack.

Enjoying coffee and a decadent slice of chocolate cake as I sketched a couple of patrons, I proved a myth wrong: Contrary to popular metaphor, it is not like riding a bike. Sketching is more like playing the piano (which I haven’t done in five decades, but I remember what it was like): regular practice is essential – with emphasis on the regular.

I warmed up with a few quick gestures of a man who changed positions frequently. Then another man looked like he would stay in one position while he ate a large sandwich. I barely had time to finish as he wolfed it down faster than I expected. Either that, or I’m just slower than I used to be.

Rip Van Winkle missed a lot of practice in 14 months.

I know he looks similar, but he's a different guy.


  1. Glad you are sketching people again. I don't sketch them often and then when I do go to sketch them I know I'm rusty. We need constant practice.

    1. I hope to get more practice this summer when I'm out and about!


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