Thursday, June 17, 2021

Homework Break


6/15/21 Maple Leaf neighborhood

This is my final week in Kathleen Moore’s class in drawing nature with colored pencils. I am overjoyed that we are required to do this week’s studies in the field! Our record-breaking rain earlier this week had me worried that I wouldn’t have many dry opportunities to complete the homework, but Tuesday dawned partly sunny. I went out shortly after breakfast for the first study.

While I enjoyed working on a challenging study of a Japanese maple (I’ll show it soon as part of the classwork discussion), something right across the street from the tree caught my eye. Wrapped in yellow CAUTION tape, its shovel in repose, an excavator looked like it was there for the long haul.

After I finished the tree, I took a break from my assignments. And none too soon: A work crew arrived and started moving the cones away, and a second excavator arrived on the scene. So it wasn’t there for the long haul, after all.

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