Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Our Neighbor’s Maple


11/8/20 Maple Leaf neighborhood

Though with a cold, biting wind, Sunday dawned bright and sunny in many ways. Wondering if the strong wind we’d been having lately had taken down most of the color, my plan was to go out in my car to peep the last of the leaves. Out in our garage, however, I discovered my battery was dead!

Undeterred, I stepped out on our deck to sketch, but the harsh wind was uncomfortable. No matter. My studio window gave me nearly the same view of our neighbor’s huge Japanese maple blazing in the afternoon sun.

Everything looks more beautiful now.


  1. Wonderful color! I think your battery story jinxed me. I went food shopping today and saw a colorful tree on the way home. I pulled into a parking lot to paint the tree from my car. When I went to leave, the car wouldn't stop. Luckily the service truck came pretty quickly.

    1. Oh no! Glad you were able to get service right away! Thank goodness for auto service clubs!


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