Saturday, November 28, 2020

Drawing Classical Couples


11/24/20 Rebecca and Aleks, 15-min. pose (I forgot to snap the image of the work that this pose emulates)

One of the outcomes of the pandemic is that opportunities for life drawing abound. Of course, they are all on Zoom, which isn’t necessarily a benefit, but in a desperate pinch for something to sketch, it’s possible to find a life drawing opportunity almost every day of the week. I had been receiving regular notifications through MeetUp from Life Drawing Plus, and last Tuesday’s theme sounded especially intriguing: Drawing Classical Couples. I decided to give it a try.

The model couple, Rebecca and Aleks, were based in Barcelona, while the co-hosts and organizers were in Manchester, UK. Nearly 70 participants logged on from all over Europe and North America – now that’s something that could never occur in an actual life drawing studio! (It was fun to look around the “room” and spot a few European sketchers I know.)

Before each pose, the hosts showed an image of a classical sculpture or painting and gave a brief description of the artist or art history period. For two- to 20-minute durations, Rebecca and Aleks emulated the works with their impressive (and likely difficult to hold) interpretations. It was one of the most fascinating life drawing sessions I’ve participated in! Below, I show the image (please excuse the poor quality; my laptop’s screenshot function sometimes doesn’t want to work, so I snapped these with my phone) with each sketch of the corresponding pose.

5-min. pose (I wish this had been a longer pose;
I would have enjoyed the double portrait.)
"The Kiss" - Auguste Rodin, 1889

15-min. pose

Renaissance era fountain depicting Greek mythology

20-min. pose
Renaissance era fountain, Vienna

15-min. pose (Imagine holding this pose for 15 minutes!)

The Fisherman engulfed by a Siren - Knut Ekwall 1843-1912

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