Friday, November 20, 2020



11/15/20 Minnie
I drew Minnie, one of my teddy bears, for my yoga instructor’s sister, who is in the ICU with COVID-19. She is currently intubated and fighting for her life. I was told she likes teddy bears. A developmentally disabled adult, Toni doesn’t read, so I thought a sketch would convey my thoughts better than a letter would. (The Minnie Mouse ears fit me, too. I like to wear them when I know I’m being sketched.)

Technical note: Although quite a few stuffed animals reside in my studio (some have made cameo appearances on the blog), I can’t recall ever sketching one until Minnie. I should do it more often – she presented new challenges, like indicating a fuzzy texture and a dark-colored, three-dimensional form that doesn’t reflect much light. The black, velvety texture of the mouse ears was especially challenging.

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  1. This should bring a smile to her face. That is so hard for her and the family. Nice texture on the bear's fur and nice velvety look to the ears.


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