Thursday, November 19, 2020


11/13/20 Adriana, 10-min. pose from observation

My memory practice during Gage life drawing on Zoom last week was disappointing. I find that I must concentrate and focus completely to retain a strong enough image in my mind to draw from it. If I’m distracted in any way – poof! The image disappears. After several frustrating sets of poses, I stopped and decided to relax and enjoy the rest of the session from observation.

I was just recalling the first few times I ever did life drawing shortly after I began sketching. I would leave the workshop or practice session utterly exhausted from the deep concentration that was necessary. At times I felt discouraged that I would never be able to build skills in life drawing because the practice was so tiring! But after a few more sessions, I relaxed, and I began to enjoy them. Now, of course, I crave life drawing, and when I do it the “normal” way (by observation), it’s relaxing. I wonder if drawing from memory will ever be relaxing or enjoyable in the same way?

15-min. pose from observation

20-min. pose from observation

5-min. pose (left: observation; right: memory)

5-min. pose (left: observation; right: memory)

15-min. pose from observation


  1. Good sketches by observation. I have a hard enough time remembering a position if the model stops posing and I still have a bit to do. lol

    1. Hmmm... maybe I should try it the other way: Sketch from observation first, then finish from memory...


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