Saturday, November 7, 2020

Last Peep of the Season?

11/2/20 Crown Hill neighborhood

11/2/20 Maple Leaf alley

We’d been lucky: Several crisp days of sunshine had brought out the peak of color here. But three wet, windy, cold weather systems were headed our way. If all the leaves blew down, it could be my last chance for leaf peeping. I had work to do.

On my morning walk through the ‘hood, I looked down an alley and spotted a tree already past its prime – golden in the low sun but missing quite a few leaves (at right). I sketched the same tree fully leafed back in June when it was easier to see and draw its form.

Right after lunch, I headed out again – this time in my car for Crown Hill. I was disappointed that a long row of trees growing in the divider strip of an arterial weren’t showing much color yet (I just checked my blog, and I had last sketched them on Oct. 22, 2015, when their color was already brilliant). Instead, I found these lovely yellow trees (above; possibly aspens?) a few blocks away. Although I couldn’t stop for all of it, I saw plenty more color in the neighborhood.

A good day of peeping – I hope not my last of the season, but I’m happy to get any at all in November.


  1. Glad you captured some color! Not much near me. I planned to go sketching on the north part of Long Island where I heard there might be some color, but I stopped at a friend's house to do a victory dance and ended up staying for a little celebration that lasted most of the afternoon.


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