Thursday, April 30, 2020

Urban Bunnies

4/21/20 urban bunnies in Maple Leaf

In some neighborhoods, feral rabbits are a common sight, but not in Maple Leaf. Until this year, I rarely saw any. Of course, it’s possible that I’m just walking more in my own neighborhood than I ever have before, so I can more easily see them. In any case, I’m always delighted to spot an urban bunny.

This pair was happily chewing grass on someone’s lawn as we came by. I would enjoy sketching bunnies any time, but simple things are a special treat these days.


  1. Now there is little traffic to scare them off so they may be around those videos of the animals that have been venturing out to the empty towns during the pandemic.

    1. Oh, good point -- I hadn't thought of that. The residential streets in my neighborhood are always fairly quiet, though. I'm now on the lookout for them, anyway!


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