Thursday, April 16, 2020

Draw a Bird Day

4/8/20 male goldfinch at our feeder

No, I don’t make this stuff up: April 8 was Draw a Bird Day! Begun in England in 1943, the day originated with a touching story about a young girl and her uncle who was injured in the war that I’ll let you read for yourself.

I heard about this internationally recognized day incidentally from a Facebook post on that date. Right after I saw the post, I looked out our kitchen window and saw a male goldfinch at our feeder now wearing his breeding colors. I had to draw him, right?

Now that we go out so infrequently and only for “essential” matters, we appreciate our garden birds more than ever. Not all is right with the world, but many parts of it are still beautiful.


  1. It is the beautiful parts that help make the other parts tolerable. Love the goldfinch!

    1. Thanks, Joan... all we can do is keep looking for the beauty.


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