Monday, April 27, 2020

360 East

4/20/20 4th Ave. NE & NE 85th St., Maple Leaf neighborhood (facing east)

This is the same traffic circle I sketched from previously at about the same time of day; this time I faced east. That blue strip you see toward the center is the Chevron station where I last filled my tank in February (it’s still half full). Just above it is the cross atop St. Catherine of Siena Parish, which I sketched years ago.

Overhead somewhere, a junco called repeatedly with its nonmelodic, high-pitched machine gun. The temperature was ideal for sketching in the sun. It felt so good that I could almost forget . . .


  1. Getting out of the house is the solution to cabin fever. Sketching out of the house is... priceless.

  2. I love that we are seeing all these views from your circle!


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