Thursday, April 2, 2020

Art or Not?


Seeing my daily hand sketches on social media, a friend who wants to learn to draw has been giving it a shot, too. Discouraged by her own attempts, she would comment that mine looked like “art” while hers – didn’t. Repeating my usual mantra about how it’s all just practice, I said that the only difference between her drawings and mine was that I have been practicing longer.

I realized that a demonstration would be more effective than words, so I dug out my very first sketchbook. The sketch above was made in January 2012 just a few months after I began to draw. I struck the same pose for the sketch I made that day (below) and posted both together for my friend.

Is one “art” and the other “not art”? Nope – the only difference is eight years of practice.


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