Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Green Lake Again


10/28/22 Green Lake

One of my favorite spots for leaf peeping at Green Lake is near the amphitheater and piers where the competitive crew teams launch their shells. I can’t see the whole stand of my favorite sweet gums, but I can see the most brilliant red one as well as other trees at varying stages of color.

Three weeks ago I had made a smaller composition from the same spot, complaining that I really missed red in the secondary triad palette I’ve been using. After that, I added Caran d’Ache Museum Aquarelle Crimson Aubergine (599), a dark reddish-purple, which enables me to stay within the secondary hues while getting me closer to red. I went back to the same spot last week, and the same sweet gum was now mostly dark reddish-purple and orange – bingo! Although it was mostly cloudy this time, it was also calmer, so I got some reflections on the water. In 2018 I had stood nearby but earlier in the day, so I caught more light.

No matter how many times I sketch the same scene from the same spot, it’s never the same. Never.


  1. That's why the masters often returned to the same spots to paint over and over. This is my favorite of the three you did of this group of gums. I like the composition and the reflection. Glad you added the crimson aubergine!

    1. Thank you -- this is my favorite so far, too! The sweetgums still look gorgeous... if I can get out again before the next atmospheric river hits, I'd like to try one more time.


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