Monday, November 14, 2022

Fall Skyscapitos


11/10/22 Sunrise as my coffee drips.

The time of year I dread most is right after we turn back the clocks, and our days suddenly become so much shorter. The only upside is that sunrise once again coincides with the few minutes that my coffee is dripping – just enough time for a skyscapito if the colors are inspiring (at right).

My favorite skyscapito in this post, though, is not either of the sunrises but the striking crack of light that appeared a couple of weeks ago (below). At dusk, most of the sky was dark blue with a heavy cloud cover. Of course I have an Uglybook of the right color that made the task quick and easy.

10/22/22 Just before sundown.

9/26/22 The sun was already up, but I caught the last of the color.

10/27/22 Another strange sky effect at dusk.

1 comment:

  1. How great that you captured that crack of light in the dark sky!!


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