Sunday, November 13, 2022

Rusty at Javasti


11/8/22 Cafe Javasti patron

Sketching at coffee shops used to be an inclement-weather routine for me (that’s one part of my blog’s name, after all!). I spent many fall and winter mornings happily sketching people and interiors at one of my favorite spots, Zoka Coffee. The pandemic changed all that, and the first time I ventured back to Zoka post-vaccine was last December. Then the delta and omicron variants made me skittish again.

Greg and I sometimes stop at our favorite coffee shops along our neighborhood walking route, and we enjoyed taking a break outdoors all summer and early fall. Last Tuesday was the first time it was too cold (barely 40 degrees) to sit outside, so we had our coffee inside Café Javasti. I pulled out my pocket-size Uglybook for a couple of quick sketches of other patrons. Whew – did I feel rusty! Freshly boostered, I hope to get back into more regular caffeine sketching this winter.


  1. Love how you used the white for the illumination of the light and the highlight on his forehead. You have so many more coffee shops near you. The towns here have very few.

    1. We do have a ton of coffee shops... and yet not many are perfect for sketching. Many are too dark, too small, or don't have good pastries! ;-)


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