Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Color (and Rain) in Wallingford


11/5/22 Wallingford neighborhood

Urban Sketchers, the global community that Gabi Campanario began with the click of the Flickr button to create a group, turned 15 years old on Nov. 4. That day was also Fountain Pen Day, which I usually observe by making a sketch with a fountain pen or at least by drawing a pen. This year I did neither, nor did I make a sketch on location (Ching’s portrait hardly counts). Thinking about what a slacker I had been that day, I went out Saturday afternoon to correct both omissions.

Belated happy Fountain Pen Day, too!
(Sketched with my Sailor Naginata fude de mannen)

Scouting a USk Seattle meetup location in the Wallingford neighborhood, I was happy to be wearing my down jacket and regretted not having gloves. I thought I had enough time to make this quick sketch of a nice corner house surrounded by fall color, especially that brilliant Japanese maple, before the forecasted rain arrived. I didn’t quite make it, so my sketch shows a few raindrops. But that’s a fitting addition to my commemorative sketch, for urban sketching is nothing if not the fearless scoffing at a few raindrops.

Belated happy 15th birthday, Urban Sketchers!

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  1. Yes, happy 15th birthday, Urban Sketchers. Gabi definitely set something in motion!! Glad you nearly beat the rain for this sketch.


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