Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Fall Sketchwaiting


9/24/22 a birthday brunch at The Maple

My favorite sketchwaiting opportunity from the past couple months happened in late September at a friend’s birthday brunch (at left). When I arrived at the restaurant, I realized that I had left the card that I had made for her sitting on my desk. The others had not yet arrived, so I made a quick sketch in my Uglybook. When we all began handing cards and gifts across the table, I tore the page out and presented it to her.

Despite having appointments, we had to wait quite a while for our Pfizer boosters and flu shots at the pharmacy, which gave me time to sketch others waiting for their boosters. Ironically, we were not required to wait 15 minutes afterwards. I was disappointed. I liked the ritual of sketchwaiting after each of my COVID vaccines. When the vaccine first came out, sketchers around the world showed sketches they had made in waiting areas, and it was a cool shared ritual. Now it’s apparently ho-hum to most and not worth documenting. Thinking about people I had connections with who died of COVID-19, I still appreciate the privilege of being vaccinated.

9/29/22 Others waiting for their vaccines at Bartell.

9/21/11 Green Lake neighborhood

10/27/22 Queued at the pharmacy.

11/11/22 Green Lake


  1. I enjoy your sketchwaiting sketches. I'm bad because I tend to do them only if I'm sitting down and comfortable.

    1. Well, you can see that my results are "sketchy" when I'm standing in a pharmacy line... and the line keeps moving! ;-)


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