Monday, November 7, 2022

The Stakes are High


11/4/22 Ching (Bic ballpoint in Moleskine sketchbook)

All the portraits I made during InkTober were excellent practice in all three challenges that I had not focused on previously: crosshatching, portraiture, and using photo references. Still, I considered them nothing more than a run-up to the ultimate challenge: portraiture from live models. And the most challenging of live models? Someone I know – whose friendship I value! The stakes are high!

Thankfully, Ching was up for it, as she has been studying portraiture, too. Meeting at the well-lighted National Nordic Museum’s café, we bravely sat for each other. Before beginning, we had agreed that if results were disastrous, we wouldn’t have to share publicly – we could simply consider it more practice. We were both pleased, however, with our results, especially considering that we had each posed for 20 minutes or less. Friendship preserved!

Incidentally, the Nordic Museum’s café now has a new vendor, Cardoon, with new refreshments on the menu. I forgot to take a picture of my delicious orange pumpkin bread, but I did snap this photo. I would patronize any café that puts colored pencils on the table.


  1. How great that you got together to sketch each other. Fun idea!

    1. We hope to do more portrait parties this winter! :-)


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