Wednesday, April 13, 2022

No Hoopla, Still Grateful


4/8/22 Shoreline Costco

Unlike the wildly competitive and frustrating experience of our first COVID jabs last year, getting our boosters has been a piece of cake – easier each time. For our most recent boosters, we went to our usual Costco, shopped until it was our appointment time, then received our vaccinations at the pharmacy. Only one other person was there getting his shot. What a difference a year makes! There was no sticker or triumphant hoopla at Costco, but I certainly don’t take the jabs for granted.


  1. Nice Costco sketches. Glad you got your boosters. We haven't gotten ours yet. Things have been too busy with Jerry's appointments for his eyes. I feel like we're living at the eye doctor's office. He is scheduled for cataract surgery on his left eye on Monday, but still won't be able to see out of it until they do the next stage. Next the retina specialist will remove the blood in his eye from the ruptured blood vessel. At least there is hope that all of this can restore his sight in his left eye. Poor guy also has to get a shot in his right eye every month now. All of this is from the diabetes he didn't know he had.

    1. Wow, I'm sorry to hear about all that, Joan! Best wishes to Jerry that all goes well.

  2. Good sketch-waiting. I think the reason there's no problem getting appointments as fewer people are getting boosted. Unfortunately.

    At our Kaiser location, there was a steady stream of people coming for their shot...mostly older folks like us!


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