Monday, April 11, 2022

A Summer Day in Mountlake Terrace


4/7/22 Mountlake Terrace City Hall

The day after we saw frost on the rooftops and car windshields, the high temps were predicted to reach the mid-70s! On my way to meeting Gabi for lunch and a sketch outing, I brought along a jacket to wear over my T-shirt because I could hardly believe it would be that warm by afternoon, but it was – with sunshine and a clear blue sky, to boot. The jacket came off (and so did my car top on the way home)!

He had suggested the Mountlake Terrace City Hall complex, which includes the public library and police and fire stations. The complex is surrounded by a path among tall trees that made me feel like I was suddenly miles away hiking in the woods instead of in a Seattle suburb.

The City Hall building is an imposing, modern structure made friendlier with sculptures of whimsical daisies and children playing. I felt a bit rusty attempting architecture like that after sketching in my quiet ‘hood all winter, but on a beautiful day like that, I wasn’t complaining. I’m sure “summer” won’t last, but it was a well-earned treat after our long, dark winter.

I conscientiously ordered salad for lunch at Snohomish Pie Company, but when I saw how
large it was (served in a pie pan), I was afraid I'd be too full for apple raspberry pie ala mode
 if I finished the salad first. Guess which I had for lunch? I know my priorities. 

Sunny and 73 degrees!

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  1. Days like that can really make you smile...the warmth of the sun and a sketching opportunity. I saw this morning that Michele posted a video of snowflakes. lol So much for summer. Enjoy the sun when you can.


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