Saturday, April 1, 2023

Front Yard Action

3/28/23 Across the street, Maple Leaf neighborhood

Ever since last August when the Honey Bucket arrived, the remodel at the house across the street has progressed apace – though most of it has been frustratingly out of my view behind the house. I’ve managed to catch the big things that had to come through the front, like the cement mixer and the plywood delivery truck, but most of the front view has been piles of junk and, of course, the Honey Bucket (once I almost caught the maintenance on the Bucket, but the service person was too fast for me).

Suddenly this week the action was in front – the porch steps were removed, as were a couple of small trees. Not just one but three small excavators have shown up to dig up dirt from various holes and move them to piles.

I came home from an appointment one day, and it was all happening at once, so I quickly dashed upstairs to our front deck to catch as much as I could. With all the yardwork happening, I feared for the little pinwheel palm that I have enjoyed sketching many times, especially when it snows, but I’m happy to see that it is being preserved.


  1. I'm glad you were able to catch the action going on! Good timing!!

    1. I think they're going to work on landscaping soon... hope to catch more!


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