Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Sunny Urban Couch


4/1/23 Sunset Hill neighborhood
I went up to Sunset Hill to check out the cherry blossom situation, and as expected, the trees weren’t quite ready for sketching. In the neighborhood, however, I found something else I hadn’t sketched in a long time. I was so focused on pink season that I forgot that it’s also the beginning of urban couch season!

Stickered up in observance of National Pencil Day

Paper note: The bright yellow sketchbook is a brand-new Uglybook. The New York City notebook maker has a few new colors now, and 20 more are coming this month! (Yes, I already have a lot, and no, I don’t have enough.)

I recently filled my sixth Uglybook since discovering them last July. I know it seems like I should have filled more than six by now, but that's because I have 13 other colors in rotation. OK, now 14. Who knows – possibly a few more by the end of April.

Colorful and filled with sketches!


  1. Well, of course the yellow papered "Higher Love" booklets are sold out. Is that you? Did you buy them up like you did the red Field Books a few years ago?😉 Anne HwH

    1. Whaaaa??! Sold out already?! I swear it wasn't me! I only got one pack!!

    2. Clearly you are an influencer then! 😄


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