Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Walking Through the Seasons

2/22/23 Maple Leaf neighborhood

My fitness-walking sketches from the past couple of months distinctly show the changing seasons – yet not changing enough. On Feb. 22, I went out walking in wet snow flurries. Some days in March were so cold that I had to duck into PCC for coffee or shop at Bartell just to warm up. On April 15, I sketched a late-blooming cherry tree, yet I didn’t want to spend more than 10 minutes because the harsh wind made the morning feel much colder than 48 degrees.

The trees and flowers seem to say, “Spring at last,” but I’m still saying, “Will spring ever arrive?”

2/27/23 Maple Leaf neighborhood

3/11/23 Bartell Drugs, Green Lake

3/13/23 PCC Green Lake

4/12/23 Green Lake

4/13/23 First I sketched the line worker to 
be sure I caught him quickly. Then when I saw 
that I had more time, I drew the whole
truck (at right).

4/14/23 Downtown Seattle skyline from Maple Leaf

4/15/23 cherry tree, Maple Leaf neighborhood


  1. Nice sketches. It seems we have spring one day and back to winter the next...and then a summer day sneaks in. It is too confusing. lol

    1. You're lucky if you get occasional summer... we are still on consistent winter! Very annoying!


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