Saturday, August 20, 2022

Honey Bucket

8/14/22 across the street

Some may see this sketch and think, “First she has a thing for trash cans . . . now it’s porta-potties??” It’s not that I have an affinity for Honey Buckets, but the appearance of this one across the street portends exciting things to sketch in the near future – possibly involving heavy equipment? Who knows. I tingle with anticipation.

(One thing in this sketch that I do have an affinity for is palm trees [here’s a closeup of the same one across the street sketched several years ago]. Quite a few Chinese windmill palms grow in Maple Leaf, and I’ve probably sketched all of them by now. I find it especially interesting that palm trunks are thicker at the top and taper downward – the opposite of most tree trunks.)


  1. When you posted this on FB I had to Google what Honey Buckets were. I don't think we have that brand out here. lol

    1. Oh, that's funny! An Australian sketcher didn't know what a Honey Bucket was, either!


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