Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Macrina is Coming to Maple Leaf


4/21/23 Site of new Macrina Bakery, Maple Leaf neighborhood

Macrina Bakery is opening a new location in Maple Leaf this summer! It’s the most exciting thing to happen in the ‘hood since last October’s big pumpkin. It’s not just that it’s a bakery within walking distance (which could be good or bad news, depending on whether you’re gluten-tolerant); it’s also the first major retail venue to open here since long before the pandemic (when a few venues sadly closed). Despite winning a national Neighborhood of the Year award, Maple Leaf has very few restaurants and even coffee shops. Macrina will be a welcome addition.

Directly across the street from the entrance to Maple Leaf Park and next door to The Reservoir Tavern, it’s a great spot for people walking and driving by on Roosevelt. The former LeBlanc Floors & Interiors store space has been completely gutted, and I see space for lots of tables. Most important: Big windows on two sides will bring in plenty of natural light for sketching. I hope it will be next winter’s rainy-day sketching spot!


  1. It is great that a new sketching spot is coming to your area. It is nice that new businesses have started opening up after so many things closed during the pandemic. This looks like it will have nice big windows to let in light and give you a view of what is happening on the street too. Yay!!

    1. I just saw some architectural renderings of the interior, and it looks great! I can't wait!


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