Friday, April 21, 2023



4/17/23 Green Lake neighborhood

Many new buildings have sprung up around Green Lake in recent years, and almost all of them are boring boxes. This one, which is among the older of the newer buildings, is slightly more distinctive than most because of its rounded corner. In addition, each “cake” layer is a different warm color from yellow to rust.

Although it was overcast that morning, the clouds were thin enough that one side of the building was illuminated. It’s always an interesting challenge to show the gently bending light on a roundish surface. After losing some of the curving shape when I added water, I went back in with dry colored pencils to modulate the shading a bit more gradually.


  1. Nice rounding of the corner. Good color too!

    1. Thanks! I didn't use the actual colors of the building here, but it does have an interesting range of colors. Maybe I'll sketch it realistically sometime.


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