Friday, March 31, 2023

Unchallenging 30 Trees

3/17/23 Green Lake

Without fanfare and even forgetting to hashtag, I finished my 30 Trees in 30 Days challenge at Hing Hay Park. That was March 25, and I began on March 13, so it took less than two weeks.

I feel a bit sheepish about it. The way I went about it, it wasn’t challenging at all – they were just my usual urban trees, and some were nothing more than gestures in the same way I had captured most of my 100 people earlier in the month. I regret that I didn’t set out with a more meaningful as well as more challenging goal – to make a studied tree portrait each day, for example. I’ll do it again sometime, maybe in a different season, and make it more challenging.

I don’t regret taking part, though. It still made me more mindful of trees in general, and I always enjoy capturing leafless trees when their shapes cannot be faked with haphazardly scribbled foliage.

I’ve shown the rest of the 30 trees at various times this month. Shown here are the ones that didn’t make it into those previous posts.

3/18/23 Gas Works Park

3/20/23 Maple Leaf neighborhood

3/20/23 Green Lake neighborhood

3/22/23 Maple Leaf neighborhood

3/23/23 Wedgwood neighborhood

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