Wednesday, September 21, 2022



9/14/22 Across the street

You may recall several weeks ago when I sketched the Honey Bucket that appeared across the street. Anticipating heavy equipment or other fun things to sketch, I waited patiently for some action. Since then, we have seen lots of trucks come and go, and we hear plenty of noise, but all the action is in the back of the house, where we can’t see a thing.

Two small excavators showed up last week. One was on the side of the house that is blocked from my view by trees. The other was in back, dumping debris into this dumpster parked in the narrow driveway. I could barely see the bucket reaching over. So much action, so nearby . . . so frustrating!

P.S. Today is my 11th anniversary since I began learning to draw. Last year’s 10th anniversary was such a milestone that I wrote an introspective post about it. This year, I forgot until it was too late to plan a post for the anniversary! But I’m sure I’ll have something to say belatedly.


  1. Happy anniversary! Hopefully some of the equipment moves into your view.

  2. It is a tease to have the equipment so close and yet hidden. Happy 11th Drawaversary!


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