Saturday, October 9, 2021

John Lewis Memorial Bridge


10/7/21 John Lewis Memorial Bridge

One of the highlights of the newly opened Northgate Light Rail Station is the John Lewis Memorial Bridge. For foot and bike traffic only, the bridge connects the station to North Seattle College on the other side of Interstate 5. An easy 10-minute walk across, it has unique views that are impossible to see from anywhere else. We’ve been paying many tax dollars the past couple of decades to make all of that possible, and when we crossed it for the first time, I was proud and happy to see the results.

Technical notes: Although I used my full-size Stillman & Birn sketchbook, my approach and intention for this sketch were the same as when I make small, thumbnail-like sketches: a quick snapsketch to capture a composition. Unfortunately both brush pens I used were running dry! So much for Inktober (Penciltober would be more reliable). No matter: USk Seattle will be there someday, and Northgate is only five minutes away by car, so I’ll have many more opportunities to sketch this cool bridge.

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