Sunday, October 10, 2021

Inktober, Week 1: Waking Up


I was only a few days into Inktober when I found myself bored. I usually enjoy making small, thumbnail-like sketches that focus on composition and values, which was my initial plan this year, but after last weekend’s stimulating workshop, that type of sketching felt ho-hum. In my car at Green Lake, facing the day’s Inktober sketch, I suddenly decided to wake myself up with a blind contour. Then I regained my eyesight and used a different pen to add details. The finished sketch amused me, like a man wearing a polished business suit with the jacket buttoned wrong and the tie askew! Now I was having fun.

And so much for using only one pen of each type: I’ve already inked up a second fountain pen, and I’ve also pulled out a Kuretake Brush Writer that I normally use for life drawing. C’est la vie.




10/6/21 First of my blind/non-blind contours

10/7/21 Another blind/non-blind contour, though
you'd be hard-pressed to know which line is which!

By the way, Tuesday was Weather Bunny’s fifth birthday. She began as nothing more than an Inktober sketch on Oct. 5, 2016, and went through many iterations before she evolved into the Weather Bunny we know today. You’ve come a long way, Bunny!

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  1. I like how you've changed up the sketching to make it more interesting for yourself. Cute shirt with Weather Bunny!


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