Monday, October 25, 2021



10/21/21 Maple Leaf neighborhood (on trash day)


Last week I showed you the maple in my neighborhood with the interesting coloring pattern (at right). Although it had lost some leaves on top, it was still mostly green on the bottom half. Nine days later, I walked by again, and it was nearly bald! Some parts of the green areas were now yellow, and all the rest of the leaves were scattered all over the pavement. On a gray, blustery day threatening rain (which came a short time later), I knew it was now or never if I wanted to sketch it again: Surely our impending “bomb cyclone” would take down the rest of the leaves.


  1. I hate when there is a storm and it takes off all the leaves that I've been waiting to see change color. We finally have a bit of color on our trees

    1. When our "cyclone" storm is finally over, I'll go out and see if there's any color left to sketch! I'm glad I sketched as many trees as I could the past couple weeks.


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