Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Zoom Faces


3/25/21 A few Facebook friends on Zoom

The last time I sketched a Zoom social gathering, I was disappointed that I couldn’t seem to break out of the Brady Bunch grid. This time when the same group gathered, many of the same people were present, but I focused on sketching only those I hadn’t sketched before. This helped me to avoid the grid and try for a more organic composition. It’s nothing radical, but at least I am trying to break out of the box.

The other thing I attempted, which is an earnest goal, is to draw quick portraits like these in a more cartoony style. I still want to capture the person’s essence and some degree of likeness, but in a less literal way. Which lines are essential in describing the expression and character? Identify those and leave the rest out. Some faces are easier to do than others in this way. If a face is side-lighted, I use that to help me leave the lighted side unstated. I think I captured Dianna best in the cartoon style that I am attempting.

While sketching, I am also listening, which is easy, but the huge challenge is talking! I admire art instructors who can speak while they give demos because I find that part of my brain shuts off when I’m trying to draw!

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