Monday, March 15, 2021

Minimalism is Dead; Long Live Color


3/11/21 Maple Leaf neighborhood

This year’s minimalism challenge was my most extreme ever, so I wasn’t sure how I would do. More than a month later, I have declared it finished, and I’m pleased to say that I hardly missed anything I took out. Granted, sketching mostly in the neighborhood in the dead of winter isn’t much of a challenge in terms of color. My early addition of the Pentel Multi 8 filled with June Gold leads gave me all I needed.

The Pentel Multi 8 and June Gold leads served well and will stay in for a while longer.

Around the same time, I replaced the Bic 4-Color 3+1 with a woodcased graphite pencil. The Bic multi-pen/pencil seemed like a good idea, but I figured out quickly that ballpoint is too slow on the street. The mechanical pencil unit gave the tool added versatility, but it was mostly a novelty. I still prefer the variable line width of a woodcased pencil.

Those were the only changes I made during the challenge. Ironically, the material I used most was not new; it was a carry-over from my usual kit: the tried-and-true (and highly versatile) Uni Pin brush pen.

Shown below are my usual colors and tools, all returning to my full kit (with the optimistic addition of a couple of pinks for anticipated blossoms). Although I did review each item before putting it back in, the only ones I left out were the Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Big Brush Pen, which I rarely use anymore, and a few non-water-soluble colored pencils that I use with a Field Notes Expedition in the rain. For the latter case, I’m keeping the Pentel Multi 8 in my bag for a while longer.

Long live color! (Not shown: water spritzer)

What prompted me to decide that I was done with minimalism? A couple of unseasonably beautiful days last week. I switched out my sketch kit, drove all around Green Lake enjoying the sunshine, and ended up back in my own neighborhood to make the sketch above. As you can see, I still don’t need much color – but it’s important to stay optimistic. Spring is just a few days away.

Fat and happy again.

Back to my original Rickshaw prototype Waldo case.

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