Thursday, March 4, 2021

Sixth and Westlake

2/27/21 6th and Westlake, Seattle

After dropping Greg off at the Virginia Mason/Amazon SuperVax site for his vaccine, I drove around the corner to Sixth and Westlake. In the canyon of buildings, an orange trolley waited; behind it, the monorail track. An ordinary downtown scene that I would not have chosen if I’d had free rein, it thrilled me to pieces: my first sketch downtown in more than a year. I am filled with hope that someday soon, I’ll be safe enough to sketch from the sidewalk again, choosing whatever view I want.

Between news reports of poorly treated employees and other unethical practices, I’ve had mixed feelings about Amazon for a long time now. During the past year, however, I have been grateful each time that the retail monster has delivered something – from kitchen towels to avocadoes to Pepto-Bismol – to my door, sometimes within hours, without my having to risk exposure in a store.

It takes that same level of corporate muscle to partner with a healthcare organization and pull together a “pop-up” site that can efficiently vaccinate thousands a day. Greg said that it was a well-oiled machine. Ambivalent as I may be, today I have another reason to be grateful.


  1. Glad to hear that Greg was able to get his vaccine and that you were able to sketch downtown while you waited. I hope you will be getting your vaccine soon. Most people I know have been impressed with the organization of the vaccine rollout...once they finally get an appointment. That seems to be the hardest part.

    1. The large shipments of vaccine doses that are supposed to come soon should help with scheduling! I hope so!

  2. It is great to see your sketches featuring places I know after living in the Seattle area for more than 30 years. Vaccine supplies are such a luxury, it seems, there are still many economically weak nations who haven't had any vaccines at all. Hope that changes soon. I agree that making art is truly a lifestyle, so learning from you enhances that fascination!


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