Monday, March 8, 2021



3/2/21 Liss, 10-min. pose

One of many frustrations of doing “life” drawing on Zoom is that the close-camera views that models are often forced to use in small rooms create strange distortions. Sometimes I’ve had fun with those distortions, but other times they left me longing for real life drawing when I could focus on the human form instead of distracting views.

Life Drawing+ took advantage of the extreme distortions possible on video to present “Touring the Body,” a fun opportunity to push the medium. Instead of being constrained by its limitations, this session made excellent use of live video.

My favorite pose was the up-close-and-personal view of model Liss’s eyes, which would have been awkward and difficult to do in an actual life-drawing studio (not to mention impossible during these socially distanced times).  

10-min. pose

I also enjoyed drawing Liss’s breasts from the “ant’s eye view” on the floor – another perspective not possible in a studio.

10-min. pose

One of the first programs to bring life drawing to live video when the pandemic began, Life Drawing+ just commemorated its first anniversary of presenting weekly sessions on Zoom. With creative themes and excellent models, the Manchester, UK-based program continues to make life drawing practice as fun and creative as possible for the global community of artists who participate. It’s not always ideal, but it’s cool to be sketching with more than 50 other artists worldwide.

2-min. poses

5- and 10-min. poses

5-min. pose

5-min. pose

10-min. pose


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