Sunday, March 14, 2021

One Year Since


The past week was bittersweet and emotional. I hit several “one-year-since” anniversaries: my last Jazzercise class; my last in-person yoga and Gage Academy classes; our last Urban Sketchers outing; our last trip to Costco (where I sketched a few people as a lead up to the One Week 100 People challenge); the last time we shopped inside any grocery store; the last time I walked around Green Lake with the friend I’ve been walking with there for more than a decade. As you can see, I just passed Day 363, which means that I’m coming up on a year of drawing my hand. How time flies.

As for the hands, I was so busy drawing my face most of the week that I relaxed by making some fun, blind-contour abstract doodles. In the last self-portraits I made, I used two contrasting colors – one for form, one for details and the darkest values – and I enjoy the way that looks, so I will explore that further. The face helps the hands and vice versa.

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