Tuesday, March 16, 2021

88th and Latona


3/12/21 88th and Latona, Maple Leaf neighborhood

Last spring, when the impact of the pandemic was fully sinking in, and I knew we were in it for the long run, I embraced my own walking route for its sketching potential. Looking for places where I would be safe from both cars and other pedestrians, this convenient dead end was ideal. Below is the sketch I had made back then. It was a bright, sunny May morning that had given me hope for the summer: I can still enjoy sketching outdoors.

Last week, I paused at the same dead end. I had just put my full range of colors back into my daily-carry, so I could have sketched it in color again. Ironically, along with the colors, I had also put my ArtGraf water-soluble graphite pencil back in, and I was reminded of how much I love this pencil and its simplicity. Sketching comfortably on that cold but equally sunny morning, I again anticipated summer with hope. This time, however, I felt hopeful far beyond summer. The worst was over.

5/15/20 88th and Latona

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