Friday, February 2, 2024

National Cornetto Day

1/30/24 Chocolate cornetto at Macrina Bakery

Last year on National Croissant Day, I was disappointed that the PCC bakery was already out by late morning, and I had to settle for a Danish. This year, it was already mid-afternoon by the time we got to Macrina Bakery after a walk, so I didn’t have high hopes (though I also knew that the many alternatives would certainly not disappoint). I was happily surprised to find that they still had three types of cornettos (Italian for croissant) in stock. I chose a chocolate-filled one. My gluten-free guy got a raspberry Nutella hand pie, which was so good that I almost regretted that it wasn’t National Hand Pie Day!

Since Macrina’s Maple Leaf store opened last summer, my goal has been to try every pastry once before repeating any. My record was unbroken – until this chocolate cornetto, which I first tried on opening day. Boo-hoo – now I have to start over.

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  1. Yum to the chocolate cornetto and yum to the raspberry Nutella hand pie! You are living the life!!


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