Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Errands and Amenities


2/5/24 Maple Leaf Ace Hardware store
My first incentive for getting out for a fitness walk is always the opportunity for a potential sketch. My second is accomplishing any errand on my to-do list that enables me to avoid using my car. Fortunately, I live in a neighborhood where the library, the post office, Chuck’s Auto, both PCC and Whole Foods, and Maple Leaf Ace Hardware store are all within walking distance. On a recent rainy morning, I hoofed it to Ace Hardware for ant bait. (Auughh… if it’s not one kind of pest, it’s another!)

Numerous amenities are also within easy walking distance, including Kona Kitchen (where I occasionally get takeout), Cloud City Coffee, and of course, Macrina Bakery. If an art supply store would open in the neighborhood, I’d never need to walk more than a couple of miles (let alone drive) for any essentials!

2/2/24 Northgate Mall, sketched after a walk to the P.O.

2/2/24 Sketchwaiting at Kona Kitchen

9/29/24 An unfinished Akita sketched outside Macrina Bakery

10/28/24 Subaru outside Cloud City Coffee


  1. More people should be able to live like that. I grew up in a small town where you really could walk to everything you needed. Maybe that's why I've been a walker all my life.

  2. Unfortunately my neighborhood doesn't have anything interesting within walking distance. I wish it did. I love going to the towns nearby that offer that kind of charm. Count your blessings!


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