Saturday, February 10, 2024

Potential Caricatures

1/30/24 Huxley (reference photo by CJ Piersol)
2/7/24 Jesse (reference photo by Katelyn This)

2/6/24 Zoey (reference photo by
Katelyn This)

Several more pups turned up to help support Dog Gone Seattle. Two from this pack were especially fun to draw because the reference photos were taken from above their heads, causing extreme foreshortening: Huxley and Jesse. In both cases, all I did was draw what I saw, but it made me realize that it might not be too hard to create fun caricatures of animals using this model if I exaggerated the foreshortening and even distorted further.

About a year ago when I was practicing many human portraits, I briefly tried to make caricatures, but didn’t get too far. When I tried a Bassett hound, it was much easier. Animals might be a better entry point than humans for practicing. Now that I have so many great reference photos to use, maybe I’ll try that sometime as an exercise. 

2/4/24 Tango (reference photo by Matt Francev)

2/5/24 Bam Bam (reference photo by Matt Francev)


  1. All of these are so great! You work on the pet portraits is really so good!

    1. Thank you! I've gotten a lot of good practice while having so much fun!


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