Monday, July 3, 2023

Macrina Bakery is Open!


6/29/23 Macrina Bakery at NE 85th and Roosevelt Way NE, Maple Leaf

6/30/23 grand opening
After much anticipation since the announcement of a new location in Maple Leaf, the neighborhood gave Macrina Bakery a hearty welcome at its grand opening last Friday. When I arrived mid-morning, the line was out the door and partway down the block! I don’t think it was only pent-up demand for delicious breads and pastries (though certainly there was that). We’ve seen some beloved businesses close during the pandemic, and Macrina Bakery is the first major business to open here since. With all of Macrina’s other stores in neighborhoods much larger and more commercial than Maple Leaf, it feels extra-special that this local chain chose us for its sixth location.

The day before the grand opening, I sketched the building from across the street (above). They didn’t have their outdoor tables set up yet, but I could see where they would be (on the left side). I’ve been peeking into the windows for months, and on Friday, my hunch was confirmed: The spacious, well-lighted interior is beautiful and comfortable looking. I predict good winter-weather sketching in there! Sketchwaiting in line, it was fun and neighborly to see people greet each other after bumping into each other spontaneously there. (I chatted with the young girl I had met a couple months ago while I was sketching, and she even asked to show my sketchbook to her mom, who was in line with her.)

6/30/23 I didn't know that "cornetto" is Italian for croissant!

Given the long (but fast-moving) queue, I was afraid I was going to feel pressured to give up my nice outdoor table quickly, but most people were either carrying out their pastries or dining inside, so a couple of outdoor tables were still available when I sat down. Even so, you can bet I made the sketch of my chocolate cornetto (Italian for croissant) quickly – I had to get on with the more important part!

The gluten-free spouse guy will be happy to see the pastry options for him on
the tiered platters. I brought home a marionberry biscuit for him.


Photo taken 2 seconds before the cornetto was devoured.

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  1. This looks wonderful...I will have to make sure to visit it if I ever get back to Seattle! Thanks!


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