Tuesday, February 6, 2024


2/4/24 Crocuses (Maple Leaf neighborhood)
Given my poor track record for doing all the nature sketching I keep saying I want to do, I’ve decided not to save up small sketches for potential longer posts. Instead, here are a few yellow crocuses, the first I’ve spotted on my walks. I know it’s too early even for a false spring, but they give me hope.


  1. I love when these pop up and surprise us. Thanks for sharing a bit of almost spring.

  2. I keep worrying that I will see buds on the trees behind my place. As you say, way too early and we will no doubt get some colder weather with snow soon here in northern Idaho that would be devastating for the trees if they had moved to that stage. But I can see how spotting these crocuses would definitely brighten your day.

    1. I'm hoping we're past the snow/freeze stage, but I shouldn't say that... we've certainly had snow in late-Feb!


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