Saturday, January 13, 2024

So Much for Nature Sketching

8/24/23 Hummingbirds

Since taking Kathleen Moore’s winter sketchbook class a year ago, I had been wanting to sketch nature more, but I didn’t do much of it during the warmer months when I could have. (I did a little, but not as much as I had intended.) Then when I took the fall version of the same class, my interest was renewed, but then I ran out of good weather. I keep having the desire and intention to do more nature sketching, and yet I don’t (I’m having déjà vu of my sketch journal).

Digging through some digital file folders recently, looking for something else, I came upon these four sketches from late summer and fall that I had forgotten about. I had filed them in a “nature sketches” folder, waiting until I had some coherent thoughts about my process or other ideas. Well, you know what they say about where all those paved pathways lead.

8/24/23 Grapevine in the neighborhood

9/6/23 Flicker

11/27/23 Fly agaric amanita muscaria (toadstools). This was the most interesting bit of nature
I documented all year. I saw more mushrooms on my neighborhood walks last fall than I had ever 
seen in previous years!

Since it’s unlikely that I’ll be doing any nature sketching for several more months (this weekend’s forecast is for snow and temps in the 20s and teens), I might as well show these now without any coherent thoughts.


  1. Love the toadstools. I hope the winter storm wasn't too brutal. I haven't checked to see what the weather ended up being like out there, but I'm going to check now. Suzala dragged ( :) ) me out of the house to sketch today so I missed all the weather reports.

    1. 27 F now (mid-a.m.), so balmy compared to the last 2 days! ;-) I heard it was brutally cold all over the country this weekend! It's supposed to warm up here tomorrow, and then "normal" rain.


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