Friday, November 17, 2023

Luma Appears in Print

A full spread in On the Spot's print version


The inaugural print edition of On the Spot (cover sketch
by Carmine Iannaccone)
It must be my month for self-promotion! In August, my story about an endangered cedar tree was published in On the Spot, Gabi Campanario’s online zine of sketch reportage. Gabi collected some stories from the year to republish in a hard copy format, and I’m proud that my story, “Saving Luma,” was included.

Even though I’m always pleased to be published in any format, there is still something special about old-school print. It goes all the way back to my creative writing days before the Internet (as we now know it) existed, so to “be a published writer” meant the thrill of seeing a pile of bound paper with one’s name and work appear in print on one of the pages. Decades later, it’s still a thrill that can’t be duplicated on a screen. (Even as a professional writer, it never gets old.)

You can still read the story free online (or support Gabi and sketch reportage by becoming a paid subscriber), and now you can also purchase the hard copy magazine for a discount through Nov. 20.

Also published in this edition is another member of Urban Sketchers Seattle, Jeff Barlow.


  1. Congratulations, and I agree that there is something so wonderful about holding a book or magazine in your hands! It's about the intimate contact--I hope that e-books will never wipe out the "real thing"! (I'm a magazine and book hoarder which may have to change because I live in a really small space.) Anyway, good for you, Tina! And I love your illustrations!

  2. Congrats!!! Being published is always a big deal. Way to go!

  3. I agree. I don't find reading on the internet a particularly pleasing experience and so much of what is on-line disappears into the ether at some point. Nothing like a printed on paper book or magazine that you can hold in your hand and read anywhere you want, dogear the pages, and file on a shelf or toss on an end table, even share by letting someone borrow it. There's so much pride in being published this way, so much more permanence to it. Congratulations indeed!


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