Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Two Entrances to the Burke-Gilman


9/6/22 Burke-Gilman Trail from Burke-Gilman Park

A few weeks ago I learned that the pocket park abutting the Burke-Gilman Trail is aptly called Burke-Gilman Park. Since it’s conveniently located just behind Metropolitan Market where I occasionally shop, I stopped for a sketch a few days ago. This time I turned toward the biking/running/walking trail, which was streaked with light. I tried to capture all the bits of backlighting on the trees and even blades of grass.

The 27-mile-long Burke-Gilman Trail occupies an abandoned railway corridor that starts in Kenmore, crosses Seattle and ends at Golden Gardens Park. That afternoon during a meeting at Third Place Commons (where I’ve sketched many times with Urban Sketchers and on my own), I learned that I could easily walk from there to the Burke-Gilman. Near the entrance to the trail, I found Lake Forest Park’s Northshore Fire Department’s Station 57. I didn’t have much time, so instead of looking for a sketch on the trail, I made a quick one of the station.

Northshore Fire Station 57

Although I have walked on bits and pieces of the trail, the only part I’ve sketched is the scenic stretch along the Lake Washington Ship Canal in Fremont. It was an unusual coincidence to sketch near the trail twice in one day.

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